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Thal Technologies

Your partner in thermal management and led

Advice, design, production, assembly, distribution

Thermische materialen van Thal Technologies

Thal Technologies

Innovative in thermal solutions

For each heatingproblem and budget we offer a solution; From gel to silicones, from tape to pads.

LED verlichting oplossingen van Thal Technologies

Thal Technologies

Specialist in custommade led solutions

Our very expierenced team develops led modules of the highest quality for you.

Thal Technologies levert compacte, krachtige colourleds van LED Engin

Thal Technologies

Official distributor of LED Engin.

Powerful, compact, solid state lighting solutions which allow designers and engineers for a previously unobtainable freedom of design.

Innovatief PCB design van Thal Technologies

Thal Technologies

ISO 9001:2015 certified

By being ISO 9001:2015 certified we offer you quality and assurance.


About Thal Technologies

Thal Technologies produces, advises, designs, assembles and delivers
quickly, flexible and always in co-operation with our customers

Passion for Thermal Management and led lighting

Thal Technologies has an established history in two defined areas of operation; thermal management of electronic assemblies and LED lighting assemblies. Our 15 year long knowledge and understanding of both industries has enabled us to become the global organisation we are today.

Whatever we do, we always do it in close consultation and co-operation with our customers. We are looking for the best solution; fast, flexible and customized. Our customers come from all over the world. We cover an enormous variaty of branches from machine building to computer and telecom production, from aircraft construction to street or tunnel lighting.

Thal Technologies was founded in 2003 by Ad Musters. Until 2015 we operated under the name of Universal Science b.v. as part of Universal Science ltd. Since 2015 we are operating under the name Thal Technologies b.v. Our company is located in Almere, The Netherlands. We proudly work with a solid team of experienced technicians.


Thal Technologies Our products



Increase performance. Extend lifespan. Prevend overheating. Thal Technologies supplies thermally conductive material for application in electronics. We only select materials of the highest quality to cool your hardware.



Led solutions

How much light do your prefer? Which kind? How much you want to safe? How many Do you have a clear idea about the amount of burning hours? Thal Technologies asks the right questions, designs and assembles every possible led-module. 

Led solutions




Thal Technologies is official distributor in the Benelux of LED Engin, Liite and PPI. We also work with renowned brands such as Lumileds, Cree, Osram, Seoul Semiconductor and Nichia.


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