Metalsub case study

Metalsub develops quick-release systems for scuba tanks, high performance dive lights and underwater lighting for recreational and professional users. From high-quality hand and cable lights to custom LED lights for mini submarines; Metalsub offers LED solutions that continue to perform under very high pressure.


There were some challenges in terms of heat generation. The high power of the powerful LEDs and the compact housing caused a lot of heat build-up, especially when using the dive lights above water as well. Thal’s thermal knowledge came in handy here. Thal develops custom made metal circuit boards specifically for Metalsub which - thanks to a very good contact with the lamp housing - can conduct the heat very efficiently. The lamps are now also equipped with a special thermal protection that switches the lamp off, or puts it in a low dim setting.

Read all about the collaboration between Metalsub & Thal in the case study.

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