Thermally conductive tapes

An extensive and advanced range of technical tapes, laminates and custom punched parts on rolls, for a wide range of applications. The applications can be found in the electronics, aerospace and automotive and medical industries.

thermal conductive tapes
Special Adhesive Tape
Special Adhesive Tape
Article numberSpecial Adhesive Tape

Special Adhesive Tape

Applications of the tape

The tape is used for masking for normal coating processes or for PCB's, in wave solder but also in extreme environments like plasma cleaning. There is also a wide range of tapes that are used for electrical insulation in electronics and/or transformers.

Tailor made

One of the strengths of Thal Technologies in the field of thermally conductive tapes, is the ability to produce customized tapes and die-cut parts on rolls, according to individual customer specifications.  The production facilities of Thal Technologies seamlessly connect to this, for short runs or batches with short delivery times.

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