Thermally conductive paste

Thermal paste is specially designed for silicone sensitive applications where high thermal performance is crucial. Our pastes provide very low thermal resistance through excellent wet out and their ability to achieve a microscopic interface. 

thermally conductive paste

Optimal quality

Thermal pastes from Thal Technologies are designed to take full advantage of thermal performance by remaining soft and not becoming hard throughout the life of a product.  

Thal Technologies supplies thermal paste in syringes or cartridges for automatic or semi-automatic administration. These thermal pastes are also screen printable.

Recommended usage

The paste is mostly used as a heatsink compound in the electronics and electrical industry. In addition, the paste is also used in applications of semiconductor devices. It can provide shock protection for diode elements.


  • Suitable for use in silicone sensitive applications.
  • Softness and viscosity optimize thermal wet out.
  • A highly durable interface that maximizes thermal performance.
  • No efflux, so the electrical components are protected longer.
  • Maintains thermal performance over a wide range of temperatures.


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