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Thermal gap filler pads

Thermsiche gap filler pads van Thal Technologies

In normal use most electronic components generate heat. This is unavoidable and quite normal. Kept below a reasonable level, temperature will have little effect on the performance or life of a component or circuit. However, if a component operates either periodically or permanently outside its specified temperature envelope (and appropriate thermal management is not put in place) then a dramatic shortening of its useful life or immediate/latent failure can occur. Besides this in recent years components shrink in size and need to facilitate an increasing amount of functionalities. Hence the increasing importance of thermal management.

Gap fillers offer solutions in solving unwanted thermal issues related to innovative, high-functionality designs. Gap fillers can generally be split into two categories: pads (sheet) and putty. Both use silicone elastomer as their primary ingredient. Silicone is used because of its softness and its ability to perform across a wide temperature range.

Gap filler pads from Thal Technologies deliver exceptional shock absorption as well as thermal performance. Gap filler pads are naturally tacky and its inherent softness adheres to imperfectly mating surfaces, obviating micro-air voids at the interface thereby reducing thermal resistance to an absolute minimum.

Gap filler pads offer a cleaner solution than thermal grease and allow an easier disassembly thanks to limited adhesiveness than thermal glue.

Gap filler pads are supplied on role or sheet. We can also deliver custom die-cut shapes. Standard thicknesses range from 0.5mm to 5.0mm with incremental steps of 0.5mm. Other thicknesses are available on request.

Features and benefits
  • Naturally tacky
  • Excellent compression performance
  • Good thermal performance
  • Precision cut parts using our in-house automated machinery
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Suitable to interface large surface areas
  • Can be supplied with a fabric or film on one side for additional support during handling and assembling
  • Available in a variety of thermal conductivity, softness and thicknesses to suit your design

Our collection

For every heating problem we offer a gap filler pad solution. Check out our complete collection thermal gap filler pads:


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