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Distributor of Liite LED

We are proud to be an official distributor of Liite. Liite is engaged in the development of a wide range of linear LED modules for many different applications. Thanks to Liite's innovative products we can offer you a wide range of standard products and a huge number of versions in length, width, color temperature, CRI and connection possibilities.

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Liite LED


The Liine range is intended for applications that require a great deal of flexibility in length. It can be cut every 50 mm and provides unparalleled flexibility in matching application needs, whether for general lighting, signage or furniture lighting. Available in 24V version, it has a characteristic filamentous light emitting zone and 320 LED/m. Designers will be pleased with the wide choice of CCTs, all without point effect.


Economical and efficient, Siilver is Liite's budget offer in the field of linear lighting. With 2 power levels, Siilver covers most lighting purposes. Siilver is available in lengths from 1ft (decoration, corners) to 6ft (trunking), CRI 80, with a wide range of CCTs.


Versatile and efficient, Liili + is Liite's core offering in the field of linear lightingWith 3 power levels Liili + covers office, retail and industrial lighting applications. Liili + is available in lengths from 1ft (decoration, corners) to 6ft (trunking), CRI 80 and 90, with a wide range of CCTs.

The advantages of LIITE:

  • A flexible module adaptable to all shapes and geometries imposed by individually designed lighting solutions.
  • Products are available in long lengths.
  • Lightweight; lighter than modules with conventional printed circuit boards. Up to 70% lighter.
  • Long service life; up to 50,000 hours.
  • Optimal light efficiency; high efficiency levels up to more than155 Lm/W.
  • Chemical resistance; high corrosion resistance (sulfur-resistant gold version and anti-yellowing white lacquer).
  • Color conversion; phosphorus formulations are developed by LIITE itself. As a result, LIITE's own teams can easily adjust CCT, color, CRIs and other parameters.
  • Easy integration thanks to self-adhesive backing (no screws), substrate flexibility and thin profile for easier use, connectors on the front or back.
  • Materials that optimize heat dissipation.
  • Customizable designs and electronic controls allow LIITE to produce custom modules according to customer specifications and volume.
  • Reel-to-reel manufacturing allowing the technology to be implemented over a very long period of time.
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