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Thal Technologies advises, designs, assembles and delivers

Thal Technologies was founded in 2003 by Ad Musters. In the year of 2015 our leading company changed his name from Universal Science Into Thal Technologies after a management buy out. In 2016 Thal Technologies moved from Huizen to Almere (both in the Netherlands). The company now has 25 employees.

With a team of experienced technicians and other passionate employees, Thal Technologies has been working for the past 15 years, with heart and soul on the solution that is best for the customer. This starts with the first contact where we listen and ask questions, in order to make the customer requirements become even clearer. Then we give a  advice. Because we have all the in-house expertise, including a complete machine fleet, we are also able to produce the products for the customer, high volume and small quantities. Whatever Thal Technologies do for the customer, we always do it in close consultation with the customer. We are looking for the best solution; fast, flexible and customized.

The basis of our work lies in the cooling of electronics. Companies can also go to Thal for heat technology solutions for LED lighting. We also supply LED modules and LEDs. More and more companies are discovering Thal Technologies as a reliable supplier. Our customers are located all over the world. The branches vary from machine building to computer and telecom production, from aircraft construction to street or tunnel lighting.

Proven quality for 16 years

Director Ad Musters: "For 16 years, Thal Technologies has been specializing in heat-conducting materials for use in electronics and LED solutions. We select the materials and parts that are the best fit for the final application. Quality is an important spearhead within Thal Technologies. Where possible we always try to apply the latest techniques and technology innovations and we constantly strive for optimization of our processes and development of our employees." The motivated director and owner continues: "It is my pleasure to be surrounded by enthusiastic, experienced employees who work in our building in Almere with a modern and well-equipped production facility. Craftsmanship, quality and flexibility are the driving force behind the production at Thal. Whether I am proud of what my colleagues and I have achieved over the past sixeen years? Sure I am! Yet we remain sharp every day and we will continue to innovate. Today, tomorrow and many years ahead of us! "

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