Electrically insulating materials

Electrically insulating materials come in different shapes and sizes. The N-caps are a ready-made product. Other variants are supplied in rolls or sheets. In addition, we can also customize these variants so that they fit directly into the application. In the list below, most of the materials in stock can be cut or stamped to customer-specific sizes.

Electrically insulating materials

Electrically insulating foil

Electrical insulating film is used in installations for a variety of reasons and in many industrial and non-industrial applications. This can be, for example, to protect people against contact with electrical conductors or the earth, of devices or circuits, and against short circuits in electrical installations.


  • Flexible.
  • Different thicknesses.
  • Fire class according to UL standard.
  • Sustainable.
  • Without adhesive layer, single sided adhesive and double sided adhesive.
  • An appropriate price/performance is possible for every application.
  • High toughness, robust against damage, which maintains the electrical insulation properties.
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