Thermal Replacement Grease Materials

Graphite from Thal Technologies

Are you also tired of the messy and dirty thermal paste (thermal grease)?
Thal Technologies offers various alternatives that are cleaner, cheaper and reusable. Examples are C50 (graphite) and the various phase change materials.
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The replacement materials are designed to thermally connect metal to metal without requiring electrical insulation. These materials are easy to process and give a consistent and uniform thermal performance in contrast to the thermal paste, which is not always visible or has been applied consistently.

C50 from Thal Technologies is graphite that is available in 3 different thicknesses. It is flexible, but not elastic. C50 has a high conductivity and minimal thermal resistance. Thal Technologies supplies C50 as custom-made shapes or directly applied to a heatsink.

More information about the various phase change materials we provide can be found on the phase change materials page.


  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Easy processing and installation 
  • Clean  
  • Reusable
  • Available in different thicknesses   
  • Maintain an even and consistent level of thermal performance   
  • Does not have electrical insulating values    


  • In lighting housing
  • Blacklight units & displays    

Our collection

We offer a suitable thermal replacement grease material for every purpose.

View our complete collection here

  • C50 a flexible and sof thermal interface film


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