Thermal Grease

Thermal paste is specially designed for silicone sensitive applications where high thermal performance is crucial. Our pastas provide a very low thermal resistance due to excellent 'wet out' and their ability to reach a microscopic interface.
Thermal Grease van Thal Technologies

Therm Technologies thermal pastes have been designed in such a way that optimum use can be made of thermal performance because they remain soft and do not harden during the entire lifetime of a product.

Thal Technologies provides thermal grease in syringes or cartridges for automatic or semi-automatic administration. These thermal pastes are also screen printable.


  • Suitable for use in silicone sensitive applications
  • Softness and viscosity optimize thermal "wet out"    
  • A very durable interface that maximizes thermal performance  
  • Does not flow out so that the electrical components are protected longer   
  • Maintains thermal performance over a wide range of temperatures    


  • Automotive electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Led lighting applications
  • Nutrients    

Our collection

We offer a suitable thermal grease for every purpose.

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  • TG30 silicone grease 3 W/mK
  • TG-NS13 non-silicone grease 1.3 W/mK
  • TG-92  silicone grease 9.2 W/mK
  • TG-NS100  non-silicone grease 10 W/mK


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