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Thermal Gel Gap Fillers & Thermal Putty

High-end performance materials

Thermal Liquid Gap Fillers

Thal Technologies offers a comprehensive range of liquid gap fillers, meticulously designed to meet the diverse thermal management needs of our clients. Our gel and putty fillers are ready for immediate deployment, providing seamless solutions right out of the box. For added versatility, we supply these materials in various formats, tailored to integrate flawlessly into your specific applications.

We have a wide assortment of liquid gap fillers, including both gel and putty options. These materials are engineered to provide optimal thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat dissipation in electronic devices. Our liquid gap fillers are available in different viscosities and thicknesses, and can be custom formulated to meet your specific requirements.

Understanding that each project carries unique demands, we offer custom dispensing and application services to ensure our materials match your precise specifications, directly from our extensive stock. For those seeking bespoke solutions, Thal Technologies is your trusted partner, crafting custom-made products that align perfectly with your needs.

Questions? Need us to rapid prototype? Just contact our experts.