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Sustainability Report

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Strive for Constant Improvement

At Thal Technologies, we are dedicated to continuously improving our innovative thermal management and LED solutions in the most economical, technical, sustainable, and socially responsible ways. As market leaders, we understand the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological world. Our commitment is to lead in contributing significantly to advanced developments in these fields while upholding our core values.

Our approach ensures that all our solutions provide balanced value, keeping the well-being of people and the planet at the forefront. This report outlines our sustainability strategy and highlights our achievements, showcasing how we integrate responsible practices into every aspect of our business. Through innovation and dedicated efforts, we aim to make a positive impact on society and the environment, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

A hexagon outlined by numerous thin, parallel blue lines is displayed against a transparent background. The lines run diagonally from the top left to the bottom right corner of the shape, creating a dynamic pattern within the hexagon, reminiscent of Thermal Interface Material designs.
Leading Sustainable Innovation

Our Goals

This image displays six hexagonal icons representing various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Affordable and Clean Energy, featuring a LED bulb symbol. They encompass Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequalities, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Responsible Consumption and Production. Each icon has a distinct color and related symbol.
Thal's 2024 Report

Sustainability Strategy and Achieved Goals

In this report, you will find our sustainability strategy and the goals we have achieved from 2024 to 2030. This includes topics such as affordable and clean energy, economic growth, industrial innovation, sustainable infrastructure, responsible consumption and production, and much more.

Thal’s Mission: We strive to be a global leader in innovative thermal management and LED solutions, provided in the most economical, technical, sustainable, and socially responsible manner.

Thal’s Vision: In an ever-faster changing technological world, we will take the lead to significantly contribute to advancements in thermal management and lighting solutions, without compromising our standards and values. Our solutions will provide balanced value, prioritizing the well-being of both people and the planet.

Thal Sustainability Report Cover image.