Artikelnummer TiHs A1

Thermal Insulation Heat Spreader

Thermal Insulation Heat Spreader

The TiHs A1 is a high performance Thermal Insulation Material based on a layered compound of two functional materials.
The high insulation features are based in a combination of a heat spread technic and a aero based fiber layer. This layered com-pound material has superior heat-shield insulation performance, is hydrophobic but vapor permeable, compress resistant and has a inorganic and inflammable profile.
Due to the heat spreading and insulation technic this material is suitable for high end applications. It is utilized in applications with heat hotspots, heat-shield needs and narrow dimensions for appliance, e.g Industrial, Power Electronics, Battery packs and automotive
Thermal Insulation Heat Spreader
The layered compound is a stack of four materials with two major features. The Graphite based stack (on the hot side) provides a heat spreading function in both x and y axis. Hereby hotspots are transferred and eliminated with the benefit of the full dissipation surface. The next layer is the insulation layer (cold side) based on a aero-technic silica fiber material with high insulation specifications due to the very low thermal conductivity.

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