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Custom LED Solutions

Engineering Your Vision into Reality

Custom LED Solutions by Thal Technologies

At Thal Technologies, we redefine custom LED solutions by integrating cutting-edge technology with our deep-rooted expertise in design, engineering, and production. Unlike traditional approaches, our service is characterized by a relentless commitment to innovation and customization, ensuring that each solution perfectly aligns with our clients’ unique needs and environments.

Why choose Thal for your custom LED solutions?

  • In-House R&D Excellence: Our dedicated Research and Development team is the cornerstone of our innovative prowess. With a sharp focus on the latest in LED technology, we stay ahead, ensuring your solutions are not just current but also 100% future-ready.
  • Advanced Production Capabilities: With seven state-of-the-art SMD production lines in the Netherlands, our manufacturing flexibility allows us to deliver high-quality, small to medium batch custom solutions, tailored to your specifications.
  • Tailored Light Control: From specific light management systems to LED modules designed for unique conditions, our solutions cater to the exacting demands of your projects, including specialized applications like Human Centric Lighting and precision growth lighting.
  • Custom Light Recipes: We craft bespoke lighting solutions, including unique light recipes for specific applications, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and user well-being.


Custom developed LED module by Thal
A hexagon outlined by numerous thin, parallel blue lines is displayed against a transparent background. The lines run diagonally from the top left to the bottom right corner of the shape, creating a dynamic pattern within the hexagon, reminiscent of Thermal Interface Material designs.

Here at Thal Technologies, nestled in the heart of Almere, Netherlands, our devotion to innovation is the cornerstone of our success. Our own R&D and engineering teams are the lifeblood of our operation, leveraging extensive experience to push the boundaries of what's possible in thermal management and LED module solutions. These two critical areas go hand in hand, guiding us in developing products that stand out for their reliability and performance. Our state-of-the-art production lines in Almere are where our ideas come to life, allowing us to turn the complex challenges of today into the innovative solutions of tomorrow. It's here that we blend our deep-rooted knowledge with our cutting-edge facility to deliver exceptional, custom LED solutions to our clients.

Custom LED Modules made in the Netherlands

Working with Thal
Assessment and Collaboration:

We begin by understanding your unique needs and challenges. Through close collaboration, we establish clear agreements regarding your requirements and the scope of our partnership. This phase is all about setting the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Production and Development:

With a solid plan in place, we move on to the production and development phase. Here, we put our expertise and resources to work, crafting tailored solutions that address your specific thermal challenges. Prototypes are developed, tested, and refined to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Delivery and Beyond:

Once the solutions are perfected, we deliver the products or services to you. But our commitment doesn't end there. We continue to support you, ensuring that our custom designed LED modules perform optimally in your applications.

LED lighting innovations that surpass your expectations

Your Partner in Customized LED solutions

Our integrated approach to research and development leads to advanced, customized LED solutions, thanks to our deep expertise in thermal management. We ensure your custom LED modules remain cool, maximizing light output while preserving the lifetime of your product. This commitment to innovation extends through our flexible production facilities, capable of handling both small and large production batches, allowing us to swiftly adapt to your project’s requirements and scale.

Our unique design methodology, from concept to production, is all about working closely with our clients. This ensures every solution precisely meets your needs, with extensive quality control processes that go beyond our ISO certifications to deliver superior reliability and performance.

We’re at the forefront of lighting innovation, offering solutions like Human Centric Lighting and tailored light recipes for specialized applications. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every product, promoting energy efficiency, longevity, and recyclability.

What truly sets Thal Technologies apart is our partnership approach. Beyond providing technical support, we’re dedicated to building long-term relationships, ensuring your lighting projects succeed now and evolve into the future. By selecting Thal Technologies, you’re choosing a partner who transforms challenges into opportunities, ensuring your lighting solution not only meets but exceeds the highest standards.

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THAL is here for you

Thal Technologies, located in Almere, has been a pioneer in thermal management and LED lighting solutions for over two decades. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to deliver top-tier thermally conductive and electrically insulating materials across a spectrum of electronics applications.

As industry leaders, we excel at tackling complex challenges in thermal management. Our comprehensive approach encompasses consultation, design, assembly, and manufacturing, ensuring that every solution is not only effective but also seamlessly integrated.

At Thal Technologies, we understand the critical importance of precision and reliability. Our tailored solutions are designed to enhance performance and efficiency, making us the partner of choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge thermal management and lighting solutions.

Request a quote or come visit us in Almere, the Netherlands. The coffee is already brewing! We look forward to discussing how we can assist with your needs.
Johan Doeven
Johan Doeven
Sales Manager
Frequently Asked Questions

Custom LED FAQ

We are here to address any queries you might have about our innovative custom LED modules and solutions. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us directly.

Yes, we have extensive experience in developing LED lighting solutions for specialized applications, including Human Centric Lighting, growth lighting for agriculture, and custom light recipes for unique workspaces. Our team works to understand your specific needs and develops solutions tailored to those requirements.

Our ISO-certified manufacturing processes include rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production. We consistently produce high-quality lighting solutions that are built to last, ensuring reliable performance for the lifetime of the system.

We leverage the latest in LED technology, offer in-house expertise across optical, electronic, mechanical, and software engineering, and prioritize environmental sustainability in our processes. Moreover, our partnership approach ensures that we work closely with our clients to develop and deliver LED solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Absolutely. We partner with our clients from specification development through to post-production. Our team offers direct access to technical support and responsive assistance, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to completion.

At Thal Technologies, we specialize exclusively in custom LED solutions, tailored precisely to meet the unique needs and specifications of each project. Because of our focus on customization, we do not offer a standard product catalog. Each solution is developed from scratch, in close collaboration with our clients, to ensure it aligns perfectly with their application requirements, challenges, and goals. This approach allows us to innovate and create highly specialized solutions that are not available off-the-shelf, providing our clients with a competitive edge and superior performance tailored to their exact needs.

Yes, our flexible production facilities are equipped to handle both small and large production batches, allowing us to adapt swiftly to the scale and requirements of your project without compromising on quality or efficiency.