Thermal Glue

Thal Technologies also offers thermal glue.

Working with thermal glue prevents overheating, prolongs the life of components and parts and also has a large thermal heat transfer. Thermal adhesive is also strongly electrically insulating.

The products that Thal offerts in this line, have a particularly high thermal conductivity, a strong adhesive power and are resilient at the same time.

The thermal adhesive is widely used within the LED industry and within the semiconductor industries. It has many applications.

G270 and G320 based on graphene

A pearl within this product line is the thermally conductive glue based on graphene. The adhesive, released under product numbers G270 Graphene and G320 Graphene, combines mechanical connections and thermal contact. The glue can be applied via a dispenser and by means of a screen. G270 Graphene has a thermal conductivity of 2.7W / mK and the G320 Graphene 3.2W / mK. Graphene is very thin, extremely strong, transparent, flexible and conductive.

Innovative product

Are you looking for innovation and extremely high guidance? Then Thal Technologies has found the product for you; G3000, thermal adhesive with 30W / mK.

Information / Datasheets

G270 one component heat cure 2.7 W/mK

G320 one component heat cure 3.2 W/mK

G650 two component 6.5 W/mK

G3000 two component 30 W/mK


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