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Electically Insulating Materials from Thal Technologies

In normal use, most electrical components provide heat. This is inevitable and normal. When the heat is kept moderate, the temperature will have little effect on the performance or life of a component or circuit. If a component operates regularly or permanently outside its specific temperature (and there is no suitable thermal solution), the service life will be shortened or even a direct (permanent) fault will occur. In addition, components are getting smaller and have to house more functionalities. Thermal management is therefore of great importance.Electically Insulating Materials van Thal Technologies

Electrically Insulating Materials have a particularly high heat transfer efficiency through the combination of high thermal conductivity and extraordinary softness while maintaining its durability. The softness of Electrically Insulating Materials ensures that small air cavities are removed when the pressure is uneven. In addition, reliability is also high.

Electrically Insultating Materials come in various shapes and sizes. The N caps are finished products. We supply other variants on a roll or as a sheet. In addition, we can also tailor these variants so that they fit directly on the application.


    Exceptional price for thermal performance
Excellent compression

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