Thal Technologies official distributor of Liite
2 oktober 2018
Thal Technologies

Recently, Jean Marc Herande of Liite and Ad Musters of Thal Technologies have signed a distribution agreement. With this, Thal Technologies is an official distributor in the Benelux and Scandinavia of Liite (a subsidiary of the Linxens Group). "Flexible Chip on flex" from Liite is a good alternative to fluorescent lamps or LED PCB systems for general lighting. Liite LED modules can be controlled in the basis "constant current", more efficiently and better dimmable. The production of the Liite products takes place entirely in France. The modules are available in different color renditions and are also particularly color-consistent. The Liite LED modules are divided into three product lines: Liili +, Siilver and Liinear. The leading French company Liite, supplies flexible LED modules that are adaptable to all forms. Via distributor Thal Technologies the product is better supported locally in advice and delivery in the Benelux and Scandinavia.

LiiLI + is the basic range of Liite in the field of linear lighting. This module has three power levels, each available in different lengths, and can be used for office, retail and industrial lighting purposes. Siilver is Liite's economic alternative offer in the field of linear lighting. With two power levels in different lengths, Siilver is suitable for most lighting tasks at a competitive price. With the Liite LED modules, both standard and custom-made linear luminaires can be developed.


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