Thal Technologies official distributor of PPI Adhesive Products

Thal Technologies is an official distributor in the Benelux of PPI Adhesive Products. PPI has been active in high-end technical tapes since 1971 and is based in Waterford, Ireland. PPI produces an extensive and advanced range of technical tapes, laminates and tailor-made punched parts for a wide range of applications. The applications can be found in the electronics sector, aerospace and automotive- and medical industry. The tape is used for masking for normal lacquering processes or for PCB’s, in wave solder but also in extreme environments such as plasma cleaning. There is also a large selection of tapes that are used for electrical insulation in electronics and/or transformers.

One of the strengths of PPI, is the ability to produce in-house bespoke tapes and die-cut parts on a roll, according to individual customer specifications. The production facilities of Thal Technologies fit in seamlessly, for short runs or batches with short delivery times. PPI is active within six continents, in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Diversity of tapes
  • Single sided adhesive tapes
  • Double sided adhesive tapes
  • Transfer tapes
  • Dielectric insulation adhesive tapes
  • Electrically conductive adhesive tapes
  • Adhesive tapes for masking
  • Themoactivated adhesive tapes
  • Adhesive tapes for splicing
  • Laminated Adhesive tapes
  • Preinsulated copper adhesive tapes
  • High temperature labelstock

Please feel free to contact Thal Technologies to find out more about the product range of PPI.

Used materials
  • Polyester film (ex Mylar®)
  • Paper aramid (ex Nomex®)
  • Polyimide film (ex Kapton®,)
  • Copper foil,
  • Tinned copper foil,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Non-woven fabric,
  • Foam,
  • PP film
  • PVC Film,
  • PTFE Film (eg Teflon®)
  • PEN Film,
  • Glass fabric,
  • Fabric acetate
Video presentation
To get an first impresssion of the company of PPI, please take a look at this video.
Please check the PPI website for any further information.

If you would like to know more about PPI Adhesive Products and its product range, please contact Thal Technologies.
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