Reflective foil


When light shines on a white surface, this light is reflected back diffusely. This means that the light is reflected in all directions. A part of the reflected light is lost because it is also reflected back to places where you have nothing, like up. Not optimal.

Reflective material reflects light reflectively in one direction. In case of a housing with reflective material, you no longer have that diffuse reflection, the light is reflected in the desired direction. There is more light yield.Reflective Foil van Thal Technologies

If you are looking for more profit from your element, it is best to coat the housing with a reflective material on the inside. There are many versions of reflective materials. From radiator foil to mirrors. From aluminum foil to coated foil. Not all reflective materials are suitable for use. In the case of mirrors, the light must pass through a glass plate twice so that light is lost. Aluminum foil will oxidize, making it dull and the reflective capacity decreases.

Ideal as a reflective material, its poyester films are smooth and have a thin layer of transparent arcyl coating.

Reflection Foil (R97WM) from Thal Technologies is a white, reflective polyester film with on one side a strong adhesive acrylic coating and brown silicone paper, the liner. The R97WM is designed to reflect a high percentage of light that is otherwise absorbed by the housing. With the reflection film R97WM from Thal Technlogies, it is more efficiently handled with light, which means that the efficiency of the element is many times higher.

R97WM is available on roll, on sheet or in punched forms.


high efficiency
polyester film with acrylic coating
with brown siliconized interliner
easy processing and installation


in lighting housing
blacklight units & displays

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