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Then you are at the right address at Thal Technologies. Thal Technologies is the official distributor of LED Engin in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Luxitune ™ solution from LED Engin allows you to adjust the color temperature from 1600K to 4500K with a powerful light source. In combination with dimming, you can create an appropriate atmosphere for every situation. Each LED from the American, leading and award-winning LED Engin, can be individually controlled for maximum design flexibility. They can be used in various industries: from entertainment to agriculture, from retail to museums and industry.

Why choose LEDs from LED Engin?

The multi-award-winning LuxiTune ™ from LED Engin makes it possible to imitate a halogen lamp warm dim with LED. The LuxiTune ™ can also be used as a 2-channel system, whereby the color temperature and the intensity can be controlled separately.

LED Engin's compact LuxiTune ™ emitter, in combination with the supplied driver, provides a calibrated, consistent and flexibly deployable light source, where light quality and functionality are of paramount importance. For all downlight and accent lighting where the atmosphere is of the utmost importance, LuxiTune ™ offers superior light quality in a total solution.

LuxiTune ™ Gen 3.0 features a modular driver configuration, allowing the light source and the driver to be placed in two separate parts of the luminaire. The driver is standard equipped with 0-10V control options, but with the modular daughter cards that are available, the system can easily be adapted to the needs of the customer or project. Currently, DMX, DALI or Casambi are available as an add-on. The copper MCPCB on which the LED is placed has a diameter of 49mm with a connector for simple assembly of the fixture.

The LuxiTune ™ Gen 3.0 is available in 2 different versions, an 1100lm and also a powerful 2000lm that can be used from retail to hospitality. Both versions offer a high color authenticity, at 100% intensity this is CRI90 and during the dimming it is about the average over the entire spectrum CRI85. With the calibrated driver, the color remains consistent, even during dimming, the color consistency remains within 3 SCDM.


With the LuxiGen Emitters from LED Engin you get unrivaled light density, control, quality and freedom.
LED Engin offers 1 (LZ1), 4 (LZ4 series), 7 (LZ7 series), 9 (LZ9 series), 12 (LZC series) and 24 (LZP series) diode emitters.

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In addition to the LED and the driver, LED Engin also supplies the optics to deliver a complete system, the lenses are available in three different opening angles and provide the most efficient and complete system possible. The available opening angles for the 1100lm variant are 24 °, 34 ° and 45 ° and for the 2000lm version the available opening angles are 21 °, 36 ° and 45 °.

LED Engin offers lenses for 1 (LZ1), 4 (LZ4 series), 7 (LZ7 series), 9 (LZ9 series), 12 (LZC series) and 24 (LZP series). diodes.

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