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LED module

How much light do you want? What kind? How much do you want to save Do you have a clear idea about the number of burning hours? We ask the right questions, design and assemble every possible LED module. Of course we take into account the requirements of our client and the specifications of the materials we use in every development.

LED light strips

Optimal performance

We advise you which material fits the application. We can also help you select the LED(s) to be used and the electronics parts. It goes without saying that you also want your LED product to be optimally cooled. Therefore, when designing the LED light source, we take into account that your product will function optimally thermally.

Thal Technologies has 6 SMD assembly lines with which we can offer you the best of the best.

We currently supply the most diverse and leading lighting suppliers, from street lighting, industrial halls, architectural projects to lighting in the aviation industry.

Lumileds, Cree, Osram and Seoul Semiconductor certified.

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