Article number TG30

High thermal conductive grease



  • Soft, silicone based thermal grease
  • Thermal conductivity = 3.0 W/mK
  • Exhibits low moisture, low bleed, no creep and low metallic impurity properties
  • High extrusion rate inhibits insertion into small gaps manually by syringe


  • High thermal conductivity and dielectric properties
  • Soft, paste-like consistency enabling insertion into gaps
  • Thermally connects mating metal surfaces via the filling of micro air-voids thereby reducing thermal resistance
  • Good dielectric strength for the protection of heat generating electrical components and devices

Recommended Uses

  • Typically used as a heatsink compound within the electronics and electrical industries
  • Within semiconductor device applications it can provide shock protection to diode elements

Availability and Storage

  • Supplied in containers and syringes for manual application to a specified volume
  • Unaffected by storage temperatures and stable under normal conditions for 12 months


Category: Thermal Grease

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