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F20 is an economical, high cohesion ceramic filled silicone elastomer typically supplied with a pet release liner on both sides.

The product is intrinsically tacky and has excellent compression performance over a wide range of stack up tolerances with minimal force applied to component parts.

F20 can be supplied with a fabric or film on one side for additional support during handling and assembly.

• High cohesion and compliant gap filler
• Easy to be reworked
• Economical choice with excellent performance
• Integral support using fabric or PET film

• High cohesion to avoid break during applying
• Low pressure applied to assembled components
• Cost effective gap filler solution for many applications
• Improved die cutting and part stability while handling

Recommended Uses
• Any gap filler application with large component height differences that are
covered with a single pad.
• Typical used in memory cards, VGA modules and other multiple components


Category: Thermal Gap Filler Pads

3538_20171211170106_Thal Technologies Datasheet F20.pdf Datasheet F20
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