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N15 – Thermally Conductive Silicone Film

1.5 W/mK thermally conductive silicone film

N15 is a highly durable pad, formulated for thermally connecting hot electronic devices to a cold wall or nearby metalwork, while also maintaining guaranteed electrical insulation.

Thal Article Number: N15

PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: thermally conductive silicone film

N15 – Thermally Conductive Silicone Film- Orange

N15 is an exceptionally robust thermal pad designed for efficient thermal linkage between hot electronic devices and a cold wall or adjacent metalwork, ensuring reliable electrical insulation. Featuring cold flow action and soft surfaces on both sides, N15 promotes excellent thermal wetting between contact surfaces. This eliminates micro air voids, thereby reducing thermal resistance and enhancing thermal performance. N15 is available in custom die-cut shapes, making it suitable for diverse electronic applications.
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N15 – Thermally Conductive Silicone Film specifications

The N15 is a premium, high-durability pad specifically engineered to bridge the thermal gap between hot electronic devices and cooler adjacent metal surfaces while ensuring robust electrical insulation. Ideal for demanding electronic applications, the N15 pad combines innovative features with reliable performance, making it a versatile choice for engineers and designers.

N15 is crafted to provide a seamless thermal connection, featuring a tested thickness of 0.25 mm for precise application. Its cold flow action and dual soft surfaces enhance thermal wetting, effectively eliminating micro air voids, reducing thermal resistance (2.90 Kcm²/W at 69KPa), and boosting overall thermal performance.

Choose N15 for your next project and experience a product designed with your high standards in mind. Whether you are mitigating thermal risks or enhancing device durability, the N15 pad delivers performance you can trust.

Properties Unit N15 Test Method
Tested thickness
Thermal resistance Rth
Thermal impedance Rti
Kcm2/W @ 69KPa
ASTM D5740
Thermal conductivity λ
ASTM D5740
Application temperature
-40 up to +200
Breakdown voltage Ud;ac
Dielectric breakdown Ed;ac
Volume resistivity
Dielectric constant ɛr
Tensile strength
Shore A
ASTM D2240
CVCM (%)
Standard thicknesses
Flame rating
Application temperature
-40 up to +200
1.5 W/mK Orange thermally conductive silicone film

Interested in N15 – Thermally Conductive Silicone Film?

Thal Technologies, located in Almere, has been a pioneer in thermal management and LED lighting solutions for over two decades. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to deliver top-tier thermally conductive and electrically insulating materials across a spectrum of electronics applications.

As industry leaders, we excel at tackling complex challenges in thermal management. Our comprehensive approach encompasses consultation, design, assembly, and manufacturing, ensuring that every solution is not only effective but also seamlessly integrated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

N15 – Thermally Conductive Silicone Film FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ section for the 1.5 W/mK Orange Thermally Conductive Silicone Film. This innovative product is engineered to meet the demanding needs of industries requiring superior thermal management solutions. Whether you’re designing electronics, automotive components, or other heat-sensitive applications, our silicone film provides effective heat dissipation and reliability. Below are some common questions our customers ask about this versatile film.
The orange color of the film does not influence its thermal properties but can be beneficial for identification and assembly purposes, ensuring the correct material is used and visible during the manufacturing and inspection processes.
Absolutely! The film can be supplied in various thicknesses and can be die-cut to fit specific shapes and sizes, accommodating a wide range of design specifications and assembly requirements.
This silicone film operates effectively within a broad temperature range, typically from -50°C to +200°C, making it suitable for environments experiencing extreme temperatures.
With a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mK, it strikes an excellent balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. It’s more flexible and easier to apply than some alternative materials, such as thermal pads or greases, providing a reliable solution for various applications.
No, this silicone film is designed to be thermally conductive but electrically insulating, which ensures that it can safely be used in electronic applications without the risk of electrical shorts.