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PoleLed - Case Study

The challenge of PoleLed and the solution by Thal Technologies
A logo with the text "POLED" in large letters, where "POLE" is in grey and "LED" is in blue. Below it, there is smaller text in blue that reads "INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY." The design subtly incorporates elements reminiscent of advanced LED modules for a modern touch.

PoleLed opts for local production and asks Thal Technologies to develop and manufacture the LED modules and lenses.


Who is PoleLed?

PoleLed provides lighting solutions for flagpoles, spanning from snowy regions to desert environments. Their LED lighting needs to perform reliably under extreme conditions. After experiencing failures with Chinese LED lamps, PoleLed turned to Thal Technologies. This decision has proven highly beneficial for them.

Flags and banners are powerful attention-grabbers for businesses and stores. Proudly waving, they guide and welcome visitors. Scientific research shows that motion combined with light offers the highest visual impact. This visibility, and thus discoverability, is extended daily by about 45%. Operating globally, the Gelderland-based company ensures their lighting withstands diverse weather conditions and meets stringent energy efficiency standards.

A blue circle is filled with evenly spaced horizontal black lines, creating a striped pattern reminiscent of LED modules. The lines make the blue color appear as alternating light and dark blue horizontal stripes within the circle against a white background.

The collaboration

Thal’s expertise in thermal conductivity was applied by PoleLed in a new, third-generation aluminum lighting model. “The heat problem caused by the electronics was solved in one fell swoop,” said Dennis van de Peppel, partner at PoleLed. “Additionally, Thal advised us on condensation solutions. The light beam is covered with a glass plate sealed with a special kit. However, due to temperature differences, condensation can still cause issues; a single drop of moisture can extinguish the light. Therefore, Thal Technologies recommended a special filter for all outdoor fixtures, allowing moisture to exit but preventing it from entering. This filter is now standard in all our fixtures. We have never experienced moisture problems again.”

The need for a new model arose when PoleLed received an order from IKEA to illuminate all flags at their Dutch stores. “Our previous model was too small for this purpose. Thal Technologies then sat down with us to discuss. Owner Ad Musters is practically the LED master of the Netherlands. He sits at the table with the fixture, drawing and calculating in his notebook.”

Three illuminated flags with the logo and text "Agip" flutter in the night at a gas station in the Netherlands. An LED digital display board with red text stands in the background, partially visible, and street lamps provide additional light in the scene.

Our previous model was too small for that purpose. Thal Technologies then sat down with us to discuss it together.

Consultancy firm in railway infrastructure

The solution

‘The lighting fixture is placed close to the ground, around the flagpole or halfway up the mast, just below the flag to create optimal visibility. The challenge was to achieve a light beam that is powerful enough to shine upwards and sideways. We spent a long time initially finding the right optics and lenses to achieve the desired result.’

Initially, PoleLed had 500 LED lamps made in China. ‘That didn’t go smoothly. There were issues with communication, and the 500 lamps were not well glued. Moreover, we had doubts about the durability and quality of the drivers.’

PoleLed opted for production closer to home and asked Thal Technologies to develop and produce the LED modules and lenses. ‘This was also easier for assembly at PoleLed, as our lamp consists of twelve LEDs that were previously individually screwed and soldered in. Since then, Thal Technologies has devised a method for us whereby assembly is easier and faster. Thal has developed an LED module that can be quickly and easily installed in the fixtures. Before, we made forty lamps in a week; now, we can do a hundred in a day if needed.’

Close-up of a black circular device with a central hole, surrounded by eight evenly spaced smaller circular openings, each containing a white component that appears to be an LED light. The background is plain and light-colored, reminiscent of the minimalist design often seen in tech from the Netherlands.
A hexagon outlined by numerous thin, parallel blue lines is displayed against a transparent background. The lines run diagonally from the top left to the bottom right corner of the shape, creating a dynamic pattern within the hexagon, reminiscent of Thermal Interface Material designs.
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Thal takes a step further

For more than 20 years, Thal Technologies in Almere has been advising, designing, assembling and producing in the field of thermal management and LED lighting. 

We supply heat conducting and electrically insulating materials for the most diverse applications within electronics. This makes Thal Technologies a specialist in solving challenging problems in the area of thermal management. 

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A smiling man with curly grey hair and black-framed glasses is wearing a blue patterned shirt. He has a light complexion and is standing in a brightly lit room in the Netherlands, with blurred background elements including a window.
Richard van Moorst
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