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Medilux - Case Study

Optimal lighting for safe and healthy control rooms
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MediluX, a leading company specialized in control room lighting, has been collaborating closely with Thal Technologies for several years.

Innovative control room lighting

Who is Medilux?

MediluX utilizes custom-developed LED strips produced by Thal Technologies for their projects. They design LED fixtures specifically for environments operating 24/7, such as those with shift work.

These spaces have very specific lighting requirements where light not only aids visibility but also impacts health, alertness, and safety. This highlights the biological aspects of light, where the right light intensity and color spectrum are crucial. In collaboration with the University of Groningen specializing in Chronobiology, MediluX has conducted research into the optimal light spectrum and best times for these work environments. A computer now controls the perfect lighting settings for each moment of the day, considering the individual needs of employees and various shift schedules. In practice, this means less blue light during the evening hours.

Medilux lighting
A blue circle is filled with evenly spaced horizontal black lines, creating a striped pattern reminiscent of LED modules. The lines make the blue color appear as alternating light and dark blue horizontal stripes within the circle against a white background.
Special LED-strips

Specific LEDs

MediluX exclusively applies this advanced lighting technology in workplace environments. They closely collaborate with Thal Technologies due to their specific LED needs. Leveraging Thal’s knowledge and expertise in LEDs, LED modules, and the LED market, they provide tailored advice and supply solutions. After a smooth start, Thal now produces special LED strips equipped with two different types of powerful LEDs. This allows for switching to an LED with virtually no blue in its color spectrum at specific times, as blue light disrupts our biological clock. The custom-made fixtures come in various sizes and shapes, predominantly manufactured and fully assembled in the Netherlands.

Similar to the phenomenon of jet lag, the human body requires time to adjust to new or unnatural light conditions. In collaboration with Thal Technologies, MediluX has developed this unique lighting concept to promote the well-being and health of employees, even in work environments with disrupted sleep-wake cycles, such as shift work and elderly care facilities.

Chistiaan from Medilux

With our 24/7 lighting solutions, we create a better and safer work environment where light enhances the health, alertness, and safety of employees.

Safety, well-being, and alertness

The solution

MediluX makes significant contributions to safety, well-being, and alertness in control room environments. Their custom-made fixtures, deployed globally, stand out from competitors by utilizing two types of LEDs. Additionally, their lighting recipes are programmed based on scientific research from the University, giving MediluX a competitive edge unmatched by others in the market.

Another technical challenge MediluX faced was heat development, which was actively addressed. Thal Technologies, in collaboration with an external agency, assisted in designing special housings with a ribbed structure to improve air circulation and cooling of the fixtures. This enhancement allows them to meet high lighting requirements ranging from 1000 to 1500 lux for well-lit workspaces, significantly higher than the usual 500 lux. The fixtures incorporate both direct and indirect lighting, with two slim, low-profile aluminum pieces placed closely together to create natural airflow and effectively cool the fixtures.

Case study image - controlroom lighting
A hexagon outlined by numerous thin, parallel blue lines is displayed against a transparent background. The lines run diagonally from the top left to the bottom right corner of the shape, creating a dynamic pattern within the hexagon, reminiscent of Thermal Interface Material designs.
High-End LED Modules for every industry

Thal takes a step further

For more than 20 years, Thal Technologies in Almere has been advising, designing, assembling and producing in the field of thermal management and LED lighting. 

We supply heat conducting and electrically insulating materials for the most diverse applications within electronics. This makes Thal Technologies a specialist in solving challenging problems in the area of thermal management.

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Richard van Moorst
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