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FD18 is a soft and compliant, ceramic-filled, silicone based thermal gap filler that is  ideal for applications where large gap tolerances are present.

FD18 delivers superb thermal performance and electrical isolation properties. The unique viscous formulation of FD18 eliminates bleed and pump-out during operation.

The compound`s compliant nature result in little or no pressure exertions between   mating surfaces and differences in the bond line at the interface are also controlled more easily.

FD18 is applied like grease and easily via manual, semi-automatic and automatic.



  • Highly viscous and soft silicone gap filler
  • Thermal conductivity = 1.8 W/mK
  • Applied like grease and dispensed simply via a wide variety of applications
  • Compliant and soft


  • Supplied in syringes or cartridges for manual, automatic or semi-automatic application
  • Other bulk packaging is available on reques


  • Soft and compliant nature results in little or no pressure exertions applied during operation between interfaces
  • Will not pump-out, bleed or phase separate
  • Unique ceramic-filled formulation results in superb thermal performance

Recommended Uses

  • Typically used to thermally connect high wattage electronic components
  • Within flip chip microprocessor applications
  • Ideal for LED lighting and telecom applications


Category: Thermal Gap Filler Putties



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Datasheet FD18
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